Testing and Calibration laboratories complex automation
From acceptance bureau to the measurements' automation. Automation of all measurements types. Certificates of verification automated creation.

Reception office

  • RFID identification and bar-coding;
  • Automated generation of acceptance documents.


MI calibration and verification works

  • Management standards an MI measurement, 
  • Uncertainly calculation.


Monitoring and reporting

  • Deadline control;
  • Working schedule;
  • Work accounting;
  • Performance analysis.


Planing and forecasting

  • Planning and task distribution,
  • Forecasting and technical base modernization justification.


Documents creation

  • Protocols, Certificates,
  • other docs.


UNITESS Automation Workstation controls standards, performs measurements, generates protocol


UNITESS Automation Workstation


We provide

  • complex laboratory automation
  • software development for testing labs,R&D centers, OEM's
  • tailored solutions for testing and validation processes automation
  • custom software development for measurement equipment
  • custom hardware development for testing bodies
  • consultations
  • trainings
  • GOST R consultations